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Hockey Night in Canada: 60 Seasons
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Hockey Night in Canada: 60 Seasons

Michael McKinley

Hockey Night in Canada has reached a great age (and for television, practically an immortal one) because it made itself into something that Canada couldn’t live without. It is this surge of emotion that connected Canadians each week. Hockey Night in Canada didn’t just aim a camera at a game and watch what happened, it actively gave the country a prism through which it could see itself, and its evolving diversity. We look where the eye of Hockey Night in Canada looks, and it looks at us. We remember what it remembers. We feel what it feels. That is the dynamic which has made the show much more than a long-lived TV success, but a cultural juggernaut. Ask any fan when they saw their first hockey game, and chances are they will say on Hockey Night in Canada. Ask any player—male or female—what first got them into the rink and the answer will be the same: they wanted to be like the players on Hockey Night in Canada. So, the book will capture the culture of Hockey Night in Canada, and the culture it has created, by finding the grand emotional life within the story and beyond, into the wider world in which the show lives, and connecting it all to the reader, just as Hockey Night in Canada has done for 60 years.

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