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Karljohan's Blog The Pain (
Posted by Karljohan on 2008-09-13 21:04:31.

He is the One, He is the One. He threw Her out, He threw Her out like She was scum. Everything He did not like, He thought She had become. And all that He denied, And all that He despised Is what She held. Until He gave Her one great smack Sent Her reeling back To Hell. She held the pain, She held the pain. She felt the shame, She took the blame For all He feared... That His great image was not all that it appeared. And under that facade of goodness... Was a cold and hateful... 2 comments



Karljohan's Blog Me and my friends
Posted by Karljohan on 2008-09-09 20:46:05.

Me and my friends are here with you. I channel all day long. Go to and look for the book of all. It's called The Path to Your Ascension. One comment



Melooking4u1982's Blog hey all
Posted by Melooking4u1982 on 2007-03-18 20:07:55.

i am a 24 year old single female, from peterborough ontario. i am kinda shy, and new at this onlline dating thing, so bear with me please while i learn. i am an outgoing, fun loveing person. i have to be totally honest though, i am a single parent of one child, who is the centre of my universe! so if you still want to chat with me, feel free to drop me a line! 5 comments



Chakutse's Blog Chakutse's thoughts
Posted by Chakutse on 2007-01-31 01:02:19.

Why did i join this site? well it was to meet new people and maybe to make some new friends as you can never have too many friends. I guess part of it is i like to meet new people and get to know them. Having been single for a long time and only interacting with mostly female friends i needed to expand my friendship base and maybe if luck has it meet that special someone. Well that's all i have to say for now but being new to blogs i will get the hang of it. 4 comments

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