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  • shynativeguy
  • 39 years old | Canada, Abee

  • incno
  • Proud to be from the land of the north!!
    Proud to be from the land of the north!! Hey just a single canadian guy looking to see whats out there! ...
  • 42 years old | Canada, Abee

  • nightwitchkat

  • Canadian Chica How can I not be proud to be a Canadian? Were awesome! Our past, culture, country, everything about us is awesome! ...
  • 22 years old | Canada, Abee

  • slaveywoman

  • Native for the Great White North Want to get to know someone and see where it leads.... also I a single mom of two girls. What I love the most about living in Canada is how we as Canadians are more nicer. ...
  • 34 years old | Canada, Abee

  • mslowlyhumbly

  • Living in Canada and a Canadian Canada and her weather is harsh but Canadian people in general are friendly. We Canadians are not much into politics and our political system is not as popular with other nations. Just like other countries with famous landmarks, our Niagara Falls is world renown. I would say Canada is a multicultural country and love living here. ...
  • 51 years old | Canada, Abee

  • sweetcandy

  • looking for someone special well i have been living in canada all my life. ...
  • 29 years old | Canada, Abee

  • teabone

  • New to the Site Hello all im new here. I'm from Toronto in Canada. Receiving lots of emails from people in the states. Which is fine, I love to chat, doesn't matter where your from. I'd love to make new friends and meet new people ...
  • 30 years old | Canada, Abee

  • mistyfire
  • 48 years old | Canada, Abee

  • jspot20
  • hey there, ey
    hey there, ey I am canadian and proud of it! I know you are too, to message me ...
  • 24 years old | Canada, Abee

  • stevencoolca99
  • Friends&Learning
    Friends&Learning I'm 26 years old.I have a positive order as I like to call it called Tourette Syndrome.I wish to spread awareness about it.If you want to know further about me and how to contact me that is if your interested in me just search StevenMannette on google and you'll find my website.I am a people person.I enjoy being around people,intelligent conversation, helping others out,etc.I'm an... ...
  • 28 years old | Canada, Abee